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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      I'm sold on this Multi Purpose Cleaner

      A friend was raving about the Multi Purpose Cleaner so I had to buy some for myself. Well, I have now also become a supporter of this wonderful product.

      Amazingly, my black matte kitchen cupboard doors have come up so clean they look better than new, so has my stone bench to my surprise. I’ve had a great time trying the cleaner on different things around the house with great results, the stainless steel appliances, the wooden furniture, the floor tiles and grout. The piece de resistance for me though was how quick, easy and effective it cleaned my wood heater glass. It turned a messy and difficult job into a few sprays and a wipe down.

      Jan Lang
      Throw away your cleaning products

      I found Wow at the MBurringbar cheese factory earlier in the year. The BBQ and Oven are my cleaning nightmares.
      I bought a bottle and gave it to my husband to clean the caravan BBQ plate, which was in a bit of a state! He is very skeptical about "organic" products as opposed to "regular" cleaning products. He came back with "that's actually pretty good", which means a lot coming from him. I love it and because it cleans most surfaces, no need for all the other expensive products in the cleaning cupboard. It also comes in bulk, and it's a clever local product. Support local and give it a try. I'm buying a bottle for all the family! Jan Lang, Spring GroveEaIrlier

      Anne Parkins
      This was a present for me

      How great that my son loves me enough to see this at the markets, buy it, send it to me in the mail and then ring me to ask me if I liked it. I LOVED it! Need to buy more soon xxx