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      Wild Organic Wash Natural Cleaning Power

      Wild Organic Wash Natural cleaning products, natural cleaners, eco friendly

      Wild Organic Wash natural cleaning products are 100% natural, 100% organic, 100% Australian made.  Contain only 2-4 pure ingredients in the whole natural cleaning product range, that naturally lift dirt, grime, removes germs & bacteria without needing to rinse or use additional water.  Effective for most household surfaces including your skin.  Safe for the whole family. 

      Product Range consists of:

      - Multipurpose Cleaner - effectively cleans most surfaces in a remarkable and amazing way.

      - Hand & Surface Sanitiser - effectively removes 99.99% of bacteria from your home surfaces and your skin.  Works very well on eliminating mould

      - Auto & Marine Cleaner - A waterless car wash.  Great for all vehicles, cars cleaner motorbike cleaner, truck cleaner, caravan cleaner, boat cleaner.  Make your vehicle shine - safe for all surfaces

      - Glass Cleaner - cleans and shines all glass based surfaces - streak free and crystal clear results

      - Take Me Anywhere - a unique skin cleaner - no need to rinse - just spray on and simply wipe off the dirt.  Great for a refresher when hot and humid or after physical activity.

      Put the WOW factor back into your cleaning and make a difference to your home, yourself, your family, the environment and the planet.